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I found a dead deer on eBay. I wondered if the person I bought it from was the one who killed it. Of course, I do not ask. It does not matter anymore as I cut holes into it. The holes show bits of an image. The images refer to acts of violence that have occurred in America by white males. I respond to the cut-out compositions by doing my best to mix and match the colors within it. I try and match the violence. It is impossible. By combining material, image and paint, the viewer is confronted with the work and then forced to make opinions based on their relationships with the materials used. I want to show the surface as a symbol, of the history and the brutality of the American white male, through the scope of conceptual painting.


Jacob Cullers currently lives and works in New London, CT. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Art with a Minor in Art History from the University of Hartford ‘15 and a Masters of Letters in Painting from the Glasgow School of Art ‘16 in Scotland, UK. He served in the United States Air Force and is an Iraq war veteran.


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